Experience the fastest way to send and receive money across Africa in African currency.

Transforming the way
we send and receive money across Africa

PAPSS – the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System – is a cross-border payment system developed and operated by the Afreximbank with the collaboration of the AfCFTA Secretariat to facilitate movements of money across Africa.


Instant cross-border payments processed within a maximum of 120 seconds


More affordable transfers fees with the aim to boost intra-African trade and commerce


ISO certified robust and secure infrastructure compliant to international regulatory standards


We strive for African prosperity and We are in the pursuit of creating the Africa that We Want.


  • Ownership: from conception to operationalization, PAPSS is a pure African product. For Us By Us, Africans

  • Governance: controlled and governed by the African Central Banks

  • International Standards: international security standards and technology

  • Collaboration: not intended to compete with or cannibalize existing payment systems.

Benefits of PAPSS

PAPSS addresses the historic challenges of making payments across African borders: speed, cost, reliability and dependencies to hard currency. It offers a solution to corporates, small enterprises and individuals to connect through efficient payments.

What PAPSS means
for You!

Corporates, SMEs and individuals can benefit from:

  • Send and receive money instantly across Africa in local currency
  • No hassle of currency conversion
  • Reduce the need to invoice or pay in hard currency for goods and services
  • Enjoy competitive fee rates for cross-border money transfer within Africa


Send and receive money with the utmost security and reliability with our ISO certified platform.

Send and receive money with PAPSS

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How to use PAPSS?