Connecting Payments. Accelerating Africa’s Trade.

Transforming how payments are
made across borders in Africa

PAPSS – the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System – is a cross-border, financial market infrastructure enabling payment transactions across Africa.

Pan-African payments

Leading-edge technology connecting African banks, payment service providers and other financial market intermediaries enabling instant and secure payments between African countries

Instant payments

Instant payments made by originators to beneficiaries in their local currencies, no matter where they are in Africa

Simplified payments

Simplifying the historical complexities and costs of making payments across African borders, providing operational efficiencies that open up vast economic opportunities for all stakeholders.

How PAPSS works

PAPSS ensures instant or near-instant transfers of funds between originators in one African country and beneficiaries in another.

An originator issues a payment instruction in their local currency to their bank or payment service provider.
The payment instruction is sent to PAPSS.
PAPSS carries out all necessary validation checks on the payment instruction.
The payment instruction is forwarded to the beneficiary’s bank or payment service provider.
The beneficiary’s bank clears the funds to the beneficiary in their local currency.

Benefits of PAPSS

PAPSS addresses the historic challenges of making payments across African borders, adding value through a common African market infrastructure for all stakeholders, from governments, banks and payment providers to corporates, small enterprises and individuals.

What PAPSS means
for ‘Participants’

Commercial banks, payment service providers and other financial intermediaries connecting to PAPSS benefit from:

  • a simplified process that reduces the costs and complexities of foreign exchange for cross-border transactions between African markets
  • providing an instant and secure cross-border payment capability to their customers across Africa
  • a platform that enables innovation in cross-border trade and access to new African markets
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What PAPSS means
for African markets

Governments and central banks partnering with PAPSS benefit from:

  • easing the pressure on current accounts and demands for foreign exchange liquidity
  • increased transparency of cross-border trade activity, bringing greater oversight of cross-border transactions and increased potential to generate revenue
  • enhanced financial inclusion opportunities and improved economic growth through intra-African trade
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What PAPSS means
for customers

Corporates, SMEs and individuals can benefit from:

  • instant/near instant payments of cross-border transactions without the hassle of currency conversion
  • improved working capital through payment certainty and faster transactions
  • access to various payment facilitating options through a growing network of financial intermediaries


PAPSS is compliant to global regulatory standards to build the highest levels of trust assurance with its stakeholders.

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