Send and receive money with PAPSS is an easy process

With PAPSS, you are sending money from your bank account. Therefore, you can only use PAPSS through the banks connected to the system.


Visit your bank’s nearest branch or use their mobile app or online banking

Depending on your bank, PAPSS will be accessible through their branches, mobile application or online banking.


Speak to one of the bank staff at the branch about sending money with PAPSS (for branch only)

Staff in the branches of available banks have undergone trainings to initiate transfer of funds on PAPSS. If you encounter any difficulties, please inform us at


Follow the instructions

Adhere to the requested instructions at the branch or on the mobile or online banking in order to successfully complete the transfer.


Bravo! You have successfully initiated your 1st PAPSS transfer

This is an important achievement as this marks the beginning of your journey in utilizing PAPSS for your cross-border payments across Africa.

Who can send money on PAPSS?

Anyone with a bank account in one of the available banks on PAPSS can send and receive money on the system.

  • Corporates
  • SMEs
  • Individuals
  • Governments

Send and receive money with PAPSS

Discover the banks available on PAPSS by clicking below.

Available banks